Silk Wrap RYSE™ Bracelet

Silk Wrap RYSE™ Bracelet


This piece is beautiful!

Gorgeous ombre` 36" luxurious silk ribbon starting with black and fading through gray to white is 1/2" wide.  

The center piece RYSE™ is 1100 Aluminum (which will not tarnish and has shown to have less reaction than sterling silver for those that have metal sensitivities.)

How To Wear:   Simply place the center piece on top of your wrist, wrap as many times as comfortable, and then tie in a knot.  You can leave the ends loose or tuck them in - whatever way you like best!

Care For Your Silk Ribbon:  Gently remove the ribbon from the RYSE™ piece and hand wash with mild detergent.  Hang to dry and if needed, iron on low setting.