About The Boutique

Reckless Grace Boutique is the boutique about the journey.

Your journey.

It's the boutique for women that know who they are and

are brave enough to live it. 

It's beauty like you wouldn't believe and

style that will make your rebel heart swoon.


Hey you!

I'm Robin.  I'm a 57 year young woman with a love for fashion. I've been known to break the rules and do my own thing but it took me a really really long time to get there. And it shouldn't have!  I am so passionate about inspiring women to toss out the rule book and wear what they love!

My style philosophy is to wear what speaks to me...and sometimes I am all over the place!  I have a western vibe running in my DNA (born and raised in the 'burbs of Detroit I have no idea how it got there!)  but I also love to combine it with a touch of feminine that runs trendy or classic. 

So.....about the boutique! 


I had no idea that I was about to jump ship from a very successful career training dogs to this!  First.....they are not even remotely alike!  Second...I had no idea of the retail world, let alone  being a #bossbabe in my own retail world.  I was literally walking away from something I was (am) very educated in with a thriving business to something I knew absolutely nothing about!  Crazy!

Although it was in my heart,  I would second guess myself almost daily, and God would always come back with something to show me that following this new path was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I just had to turn it over and trust.


For the entire first 2 years of taking our show on the road, I must've thought a million times "there must be an easier way!"  And you have no idea how many times I heard, "You need a trailer!"

Well, just before Christmas, 2016 an opportunity presented itself to us. 

It happened pretty quick. But it seriously was the best deal and we jumped on it.  I'm a firm believe that God puts things in your path that He thinks you need!

And I had intentions!  Oh yeah...this was not going to be a trailer to "just haul stuff" and make packing easier.  This trailer was going to be a boutique!

Anyone that knows me at all knows that I am THE biggest Miranda Lambert fan. She is classy, sassy and so much badassy.....and that's exactly what I wanted my trailer to be. So when we picked her up the first few days of January, 2016 I christened her "Miranda".


Michigan is crazy cold in the winter!  But that husband of mine got the torpedo heater going and started ripping out everything he could.  I had an idea in my head of what I wanted and he brought home brand new pallets from work and got busy on my idea.

It took all winter.  Our first show of 2016 was in May. And Miranda was ready.  We were having so much fun going to events and hearing people tell us how much they absolutely loved the trailer!  


In 2017 & 2018 Miranda took home the honors of the Michigan Mobile Boutique of the Year!  In 2019 we were Runner Up! What a HUGE thing that was for this little traveling trailer boutique of mine!  


But y''s not just about being a boutique.  It's so much more than that.  It's a "feel-good" journey....a story of overcoming whatever struggles life puts in your path.  It's about silencing the critics and choosing to #beyouanyway.  It's about discovering who you are really meant to be and more than feeling good about it - owning it and letting the world know your most #authenticself because #girlyesyoucan!

And hey.....if the fashion pieces we carry can be a part of telling the world who you are, well......I'm all for it!  

And my journey with the mobile boutique is nowhere near over! 

I get asked a lot......"HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE NAME?"

Well……my own backstory.

What IS Reckless Grace?

God is love. God accepts all people.

Jesus leaving 99 to find 1 seems crazy...until you're that 1.

God is generous with His grace. He honors each of us with endless grace and forgiveness no matter what…and that could be seen as a reckless love. Setting Himself up for rejection.

My own backstory – my life – is full of God’s reckless grace.  If it wasn’t for His reckless grace on me, I wouldn’t be here today.

"God's reckless grace is our greatest hope."


I want to get social with you!  And there's so many options!

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